About Us

ACR Driving school offers comprehensive and customized lessons. We understand that each student has a unique learning style, and individual needs. You tell us what you want and we will design the program to meet your needs.

Students are instructed to the highest standards and we will never recommend that you take the driving test if we feel you are not ready. If you are a nervous driver your instructor will guide you through calmly and patiently allowing you time to gain confidence behind the wheel. We have helped many drivers who have been too afraid to drive to successfully obtain their drivers license.

Our current vehicle is Mazda2 2016 model 5 star safety rated car maintained to the highest standard. We keep signage to a minimum with only a couple of logo’s on the doors so that we blend in rather than sticking out in traffic. Currently we only operate with an automatic car. If you are new to driving and want to test in a manual, we recommend you start in an automatic until you are confident enough with your driving to tackle the manual gearbox. The learning required is exactly the same except for changing gears which becomes a lot easier when you are already driving confidently.

Your lesson time is solely yours and we never use your time to pick up the next student as some schools do. We focus on you the entire time and don’t ‘clock watch’ for the end of lesson. If our lessons go over time it’s at no additional charge to you. You get to drive for the full hour and we don’t include debriefing discussion time in that.

Our price is competitive, and we will match the competitors offer if you can tell us. If you want a great driving school who will offer you productive lessons with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and at a fair price then give us a call today.

Please Contact Us or Call 0451 613 021.